A typical Day of Pet sitting (As told by Our Pet Sitter!)


Note: My mom Nancy flew from Wisconsin to San Diego to take care of our four pets while Josh as well as I went to Maui. We are so lucky she did this for us! This is a publish she composed about her “experience” or what a typical day of pet sitting our team looked like. go to her blog Nancy’s point where she composes about breast cancer, grief as well as likewise dogs!

When dear child as well as dear son-in-law visited over the holidays as well as mentioned they were planning a February Maui trip as well as then went on to inquire about my rate of interest in pet sitting while they were vacationing, I jumped at the chance.

Dear husband as well as I refer to all our children’s pets as our grandchildren, so exactly how might I say, no?

If you believe it’s strange a person (meaning me) would contemplate flying from Wisconsin to California to take care of some dear pets, you don’t understand my family.

I’m back house now reflecting on my experience, as well as I believed it’d be fun to compose a blog publish about it. It’s a nice break from blogging about cancer chaos as well as fallout, right?

When your house includes four pets as my daughter’s does (two dogs as well as two cats), taking care of their needs can feel like a full-time job, particularly when one is an active Weimaraner pup as well as the other three are seniors.

During my stay, I frequently thought, wow, exactly how in the world does dear child get her work done?

Basically, the response is … routines.

Thank you for being so organized, Lindsay, as well as for leaving me all those detailed routines as well as instructions. I assumption you didn’t inherit your organizing skills from me.

Here’s what a typical day of pet sitting four lovable California critters was like:

(The pets include cats Beamer & Scout, senior dog Ace as well as Weimaraner pup Remy.)

5:45 a.m. – increase as well as shine!

Actually, it was still dark.

Upon my rising, stumbling around while getting dressed as well as appearing from the bedroom, all four pets demanded to be fed, as well as they had no intention of waiting around for meal service.

Scout the cat, being the slowest eater of the crew, got fed first. He needed time as well as privacy, which meant a closed door on the cats’ bedroom (yes, they have their own room).

Next, it was senior mutt Ace’s turn as he moves a bit sluggish these days as well as doesn’t like to be hurried either. He ate in the primary bathroom ‘cuz he likewise needed (and deserved) an undisturbed eating space. The third one to eat was feline Beamer who by that point was feeling a bit put out for being required to wait so long. Beamer devoured all his meals in the kitchen.

Last, however not least, it was the pup, Remy’s turn. By then, he was feeling rather impatient, however was needed to further wait while I put on my shoes as well as then gathered my jacket, phone, cap, dog leash with pinch collar as well as doggy-poo bags. when released from his kennel as well as lastly enabled to assault his breakfast, he wasted no time, gobbling it up in less than a minute. He didn’t comprehend the meaning of sluggish down, boy.

6:00 (yeah, all the above only took 15 minutes!)

Remy as well as I headed out for our very first walk of the day; he was last to eat, after all, so for this he was first. The cool, clean morning air as well as gorgeous sunrises reminded me everyday why morning walks are the very best walks.

Upon returning, it was Ace’s turn, of course. Such a great boy for waiting, Ace. as well as gosh, I do like leisurely strolls with a senior dog. Puppies are wonderful, however there is something additional special about an old dog.

7:00 – Coffee time for me.

I needed some!

8:00- 11:00 – Lindsay, you’ve got the dogs’ morning routine down truly well. מרשימים.

Remarkably both dogs napped on as well as off for major pieces of the mornings, however only if I separated them, otherwise Remy constantly bugged Ace who understandably, much favored to keep to himself as well as be left alone. who might blame him?

I had breakfast, did chores around the house, inspected email, blogged as well as got stuff done. I was impressed with (and surprised by) what I was able to achieve during the peaceful chunks.

11:15 – Time for noon walks

Boy, Remy was raring to go again!

As usual, Ace patiently waited for his turn.

12:30 – Back home.

Lunch time for me as well as more peaceful time for Ace as well as peaceful time (if I was lucky) mixed with supervised playtime for Remy. luckily the apartment was puppy-proofed nicely,so it wasn’t as well frequently I had to figure out exactly how to coax the pup to decrease something he wasn’t supposed to have. (Sorry about that chewed book, Josh. as well as the damaged bowl, too. Oops.) The cats appeared at that point to inspect on the lunch situation, particularly the eating-machine, Beamer.

More work time for me during Remy’s peaceful moments. I really got rather a bit done. Thanks, Remy.

4:00  – Remy as well as I headed out for walk #3, our longest of the day.

The main objective of walk #3 was to tire out stated pup so the evening would go more smoothly (hopefully) for all of us. tired pup equals a better-behaved pup.

Upon return, yep you guessed it, Ace’s turn. What a patient, boy.

5:00 – Woohoo, dinner time!

Dinner bell for all four animals. They were so excited as well as who might blame them, right? meal times are the very best times for all of us, are they not?

With Remy tired out (okay, kenneled), it was lastly time for my shower as well as then dinner without animal interruptions. Well, of course, Beamer was there inspecting to see what was on my plate or potentially on the floor.

After dinner, Remy was enabled out of his kennel for the evening as well as offered appropriate stuff (not my hands, elbows, socks, shoes, towels, pillows, books, etc) to chew on. Evenings included TV time as well as Remy supervision time, special doting on Ace time, phone phone calls time as well as before I understood it, final doggy-potty-break-for-the-day time.

9:00 – Bedtime at last!

All animals (except Ace, of course) tucked in as well as kenneled. morning meals were dispensed in bowls at bedtime to get rid of a few of the morning chaos ahead.

Thought about reading, however never did ‘cuz I was exhausted! Lights out instead. Whew, what a day.

Final thoughts

First of all, pet sitting is difficult work. I have so much respect for those who do this for a living. great deals of people believe this line of work is a snap, however they understand not of what they speak.

Second, puppies are challenging! Well, duh, right? When you haven’t had one in a while, you sorta fail to remember exactly how much work is involved. as well as patience. A one-year-old Weimaraner is not unlike a toddler, just sayin’.

A senior dog with special needs (think cone, everyday meds, itchy skin sores, achy joints) needs an additional dose of love, which I was more than happy to dispense, together with his meds.

Cats are fairly easy, however still they have needs, too. as well as the eating-machine feline of the household provides his own set of unique challenges. (No food can be left unattended anywhere at any type of time. Ever).

Lastly, I like California, in short doses anyway. fantastic weather. (What’s a bit rain?) No snow. No winter coat. No gloves. No stocking hat. No boots. Dogs as well as dog walkers everywhere. as well as I do mean everywhere. האוקיינוס. dog beaches. (Didn’t take Remy there this visit. I understand my limits). Sidewalks. (Why aren’t there sidewalks where I live?) surrounded by Democrats.

I might get utilized to these things.

So, will I be back for more?

You bet I will.

Have you done any type of pet sitting? What does a typical day of pet sitting look like for you?

Thank you, Mom, for watching our pets! We are so lucky!

Make sure to go to my mom’s blog Nancy’s Point.

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